Homemade Croissant

Homemade Croissants – I’ve been getting some request from time to time for eggless croissant recipe. First thing came to mind is that I’ve always thought there is no eggs in croissants. Perhaps egg is optional, not mandatory. I’ve always delaying to try out making croissants, I know it’s a long process to make them. Although you need at least 2 days to make them, I doesn’t take too long for the working process. To be honest I’m a first timer making these croissants. So I had to do some research for all fool proof tips possible. I hope this video gives you much details and summary for all the important tips you need to know. Here you go, an eggless recipe. Hope you will give this a try. Enjoy!

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Remark: I strongly recommend that you use the metric measurements for better outcome. To succeed in making these croissant, precise measurement is always recommended

300g [2¼ cup] cake flour
5.5g [1¾ tsp] instant dry yeast
4g [¾ tsp] salt
35g [3 tbsp] sugar
50g [3½ tbsp] cold milk
100g [⅓ cup + 1½ tbsp] cold water
40g [3 tbsp] butter, softened

160g [¾ cup] unsalted butter (for lamination)

Egg Wash:
Beat 1 egg OR
For substitute: 2 tbsp milk + 2 tsp melted butter

Tools needed:
1. Working top (you can use table with smooth surface)
2. Rolling pin (I recommend a large one with the roll)
3. Large zip lock bag (27.5x26cm), you can also use a parchment paper or plastic bag
4. A small plastic bag of 6×9 inch or 15x23cm

1. In a mixing bowl, add all the dry ingredients and give it a quick mix.
2. Add in the wet ingredients (milk and water). Mix on low speed for 1 minute. (Kitchen Aid speed on 1)
3. Lift up the mixer nozzle, spread the butter on the dough. Continue mixing for 5 minutes on medium speed. (Kitchen Aid speed on 2) The dough will come together and dough will become soft and not sticky.
4. Remove the dough from the mixing bowl. Shape it into a ball. Place it in a zip lock bag. I strongly recommend a zip lock bag as it will be easy to shape into a rectangle. With a rolling pin, roll out the dough and roll out the air as well until the dough is evenly spread to a size about 8×10.5 inch. Seal the zip lock bag and fold it so that it gives you a 8×10.5 inch. This step is very helpful for the wrapping the butter and lamination. You’ll see what I mean in the later steps.
5. Refrigerate the dough for at least 12 hours or overnight.

6. Next, slice the butter about 5mm thick and weigh them to get 160g. Place the butter into a 6×9 inch plastic bag. If you do not have this size of plastic bag you can always use parchment paper or any plastic sheet by measuring the size.
7. Roll the butter evenly to give an even thickness. Seal up the plastic bag. The butter size now should give 6x8inch, just nice to match the dough size. You’ll know what I mean in later steps.
8. Refrigerate the butter together with the dough for 12 hours or overnight.

The next day…
9. Remove the zip lock bag from the dough. It’s important that the dough is cold at low temperature, hence do not work too much on the rolling at this point. This was the reason why the initial rectangle shape preparation is important.
10. It’s important to flour the working table top before place the dough on it. Lightly flour the dough as well.
11. Remove the plastic bag from the butter. The butter must be cold but not too hard, and able to be bent, and that’s good to ease the lamination.
12. Place the butter in the middle of the dough length. Wrap the butter and seal the middle line by rubbing gently on the surface. You can also pinch to seal it.
13. Constantly check under the dough, making sure the dough is not sticking. Lightly flour the working top if needed.
14. Using a rolling pin, gently put some pressure against the dough from bottom to the top (length wise), the dough will eventually expand in length. Once that is done, gently roll the dough in length ways, up and down. Do not put too much pressure as you may break the dough and the butter will leak. Just roll evenly as you want the dough to be evenly thick.
15. Roll the dough to about 50-55cm in length, 4-5mm thickness. Trim slightly to tidy up the edges (top and bottom edge).
16. We are going to do a 3-fold. Pull the top and fold it to a quarter or less of the length. Then pull the bottom and fold to join the first fold. Then fold in half of the length. You’ll see total of 4 layers overlapping.
17. Wrap up the dough in cling film. Refrigerate for 1 hour.

After 1 hour…


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