penis cake?

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When Baking recommended that it is a good starting point to collect together all necessary ingredients of what you think you will be requiring
It is also a good idea to assemble all the tools that you think you will need.

Question by Gigi<3: penis cake?
Okay for my friend’s birthday we’re going to make a penis cake! But we’re plannin it this weekend so we dont have time to buy an actual penis cake pan. So we need help of how to create one ourselves…any suggestions? Like mix, how to shape it, decorating it…etc

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Answer by skeeterboi
don;t forget the spirm

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9 Responses to “penis cake?”

  1. jade=) says:

    lol the guys made us cu.m cake once and we ate it without knowing

    just make it all a chocolate sponge; so a black dick
    get 2 rectangular tins and they can make up most of the penis
    and once it’s finished baking you can cut and round off two of the edges so it’s half a cylinder
    and for the nobby bit umm i dunno how you could make that
    have fun with that

    and have a spurt of white iccing coming out as the cu.m

  2. dixiedarlin7297 says:

    Haha use a loaf pan (like for bread, meatloaf, whatever) for the shaft, round pans for the balls, and either a round or dome-shaped one for the head. Use flesh-colored icing (can be accomplished by having white icing with peach food coloring if you’re white, chocolate icing if you’re black, etc.) for the penis and if you want semen coming out of it use vanilla icing. Use chocolate shavings for the pubes.

  3. TX2step says:

    bake it in a big pyrex mixing bowl, then you can shape it after it’s cooled …. it’ll be 3-dimensional…..

  4. Hillary B says:

    Just make a 9×13 regular cake- homemade or from a box is fine- When its cooked and cooled Just cut the shape with a sharp knife like you are making a woodcarving and ice with colors similar to a penis. I’d use Chocolate sprinkles for the pubes and some light blue icing for veins.

  5. Kenyon M says:

    umm just take regular vanilla cake mix or w.e u want rly. since u cannot get a penis shaped pan get to round cake pans and a oversized rectangular pan when one place the two round cakes together like the balls the take a bread knife or kitchen knife and cut out a penis shaped shaft place it next to theballls u the exces cake to fill in the places on flesh/skin cover in and frosting doesn’t matter and decorate it how u want. u can make it as big as u want just depends on how many layers u put on .

  6. Flowerlady says:

    I do special occasion cakes as a side business, so here ya go.

    Use a 9×13 cake pan. Bake according to the directions on the box. Line a cake board (cardboard is fine) with foil, tape the undersides of the board.

    The easy way to go about it is to ice the cake, and use a pink colored icing to draw the penis on. If you go to carving the cake to look like a penis, you’ll have a lot of crumbs, waste, etc.

    Suggestion for fun…add a couple of peanuts into the “testicle” sections of the cake (cut a small piece, stuff, replace the cake piece and ice), and a cherry in the “head” section. Pity the poor fool who bites into the cake and finds one or the other! ROFL!!!!

    BTW, chocolate shavings make wonderful “hair”. Enjoy!

  7. cranky lady says:

    ha ha that’s awesome. An easy way would to be use a regular rectangular pan and when it has cooled you can cut it into the shape of a penis. That way you won’t have to hassle with all of the different pans. Find pink frosting, and serve milk in paper cups that say sperm on them. lol

  8. Kaye says:

    .Form your own pan out of 4 or 5 layers of heavy-duty aluminum foil, molding the foil around two tennis balls (remove balls afterwards, of course) on one end and a couple of soft drink cans laid end to end… for the “business” end of the cake.
    How many cans you use depends on how “impressive” you want the cake to be.
    Prepare the finished pan as you would any cake pan (grease & flour it) then place on a cookie sheet before filling & baking the cake.
    Since you’ll want the cake to bake “level” (so one side will lay flat on the platter) you will have to raise & support the “business end” of your cake with a wad of crumpled foil.
    I have been making my own baking pans for years whenever I have needed a certain shape I don’t have or can’t find.
    Just remember to support your pan with a cookie sheet.

  9. Nicole H says:

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