how long does it take for no bake cookies to set?

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When Baking recommended that it is only sensible to collect together all of the things listed in the recipe of what you think you will be making
It is also wise to assemble all the tools that you think you will need.

Question by Kat: how long does it take for no bake cookies to set?
I made a batch of no bake chocolate oatmeal cookies and I had to add more oatmeal than the recipe called for and it has now been an hour, the cookies are firm but very sticky. Is this normal? Next time should I make some with chocolate chips instead of cocoa powder?

darn it!
Thanks Clair, I’ll try again

Best answer:

Answer by Clair C
prolly didnt boil the stuff long enough

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4 Responses to “how long does it take for no bake cookies to set?”

  1. Jane says:

    When they say boil, they mean BOIL not simmer. I’ve done this myself, ended up with sticky gooey messes (wait until you see the insides).

  2. Teesignss says:

    Sticky or gooey? Gooey is good!

  3. xmas says:

    when it says boil for x number of minutes, it means a FULL rolling boil

  4. jamiethecupcake says:

    you need the coco powder you can add chocolate chips if you would like .. and you most likly didnt boil it for long enough and be cafeful adding to many oats and make sure there the quick cook oats…..

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